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There are so many options after 10+2(science) like engineering, medical, accounts, IT, architecture, education, earth Sciences, etc.

You can appear in different types of competitive exams conducted by:
- Indian army, navy, air force and other forces
- Indian railways
- public and private banks
- other recruiters

You can also get training or do some technical/ vocational courses in areas like office management, stenography, secretarial practice, computer hardware, computer or D.T.P. operator, photography, paramedical sciences, video editing, sound recording, animation, food services,  etc. and make a career in these areas.

Some jobs and careers do require specific qualification. But some require 10+2 or just 10th pass. All these options are open to you. Assess your capabilities and find out a career which matches your interests.

If you know your best options and sure about studying commerce, simply tell your parents why you want to study commerce. Your parents are just being caring and protective and they don\'t want you to end up with a wrong decision. You should address their concern and assure them that the commerce stream also offers many good career opportunities and you are interested in studying commerce not science; you can discuss some of the prospective career options with them and take their opinions.
Be confident and clear all their doubts. Listen to their views and suggestions also, may be the discussion will show you a better and clear career path.

Graphic designer should have hands on designing and creative skills. Many employers, other than big designing firms, don\'t ask for specific degree or diploma if you have required knowledge and skills. But still, having a Bachelor degree in Art or design will be a great advantage in all cases.

- Start preparing for entrance aptitude tests conducted after 10+2 for admission in courses like B.F.A. - Visual Communication/Graphics.
- As a secondary option, you can also consider doing bachelor degree in multimedia & graphic design, multimedia & animation, or similar course from a reputed institution after +2.

You can also consider doing designing courses in Multimedia & Graphic Design/Graphic Designing/Fine Arts/Web & Graphic Design with your regular studies.

Apart from education, you should keep improving your creativity and designing skills. A large no. of students are doing multimedia and graphic designing courses from various institutions, but still finding skilled graphic designers is not easy for companies. That is why, good skilled designers are being paid high salaries.
Learning and practice is the key tool. Keep observing designing styles and techniques illustrated in newspapers, magazines, websites, display boards, and other media items. Learn how to express various ideas in visual format effectively.
Make your own designs, get opinions. Pick your best designs and make a portfolio. By the time you finish your eduction, you will have an impressive portfolio for presentation.

Some of the career options after 10+2 with non-medical:
Engineering - many streams like Electrical/Mechanical/Electronics/Computer/Civil/Telecommunication/Aeronautics/Environmental/ Nano-technology/Chemical/ Nuclear/Bio-Technology/Textile/Fashion
Architecture / Planning
Indian Army, Navy, Air Force
Commercial Pilot, Merchant Navy
Scientist/ Mathematician/Statistician/Economist
Geology/Geography/Earth Sciences/Physics
IT/Computer Application
Environmental Sciences
Dairy Technology/Agriculture

Archaeology, Actuarial Science, Journalism, Media, Mass communication, Library & Information Science, Hotel Management, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Education, Sales & Marketing, Healthcare, Multimedia & Animation, Law, Event Management, Paramedical, Social Work, Soft Skills, Dietetics, Aviation, Design, Fashion Technology, Leather Technology, Insurance & Banking, Interior Decoration, Accountancy.

To make a career in Biotechnology, you can go for B.Tech.(Biotechnology) or B.Sc. Biotechnology after 12th. Give preference to B.Tech.
After 10th, take Biology and/or Maths with other science subjects as combination for 10+2 study.
To proceed for engineering in Biotechnology, take engineering entrance exams.

Electrical engineering is about applying concepts & theories related to electricity, electronics, energy and electromagnetism. It includes study of power systems, electronic devices and circuits, electrical equipments and conversion systems.

Earlier electronics was under electrical engineering as a sub-field. Later on, it developed as a separate engineering branch which uses the scientific knowledge of the behavior and effects of electrons to develop and control components, devices, systems, or equipments. It includes study of  electronic equipments and components, telecommunications, semiconductor circuit design, instrumentation engineering.
Both Electrical and Electronic Engineering are inter-related.

Electrical and electronics engineers work with electrical and electronic equipments. Career opportunities exist in power generation and distribution; telecommunication systems; and manufacturing of electrical and electronics products and equipments including computer systems;  automobiles; aircraft; radar and navigation systems; etc.

Mechanical Engineering involves the design and development of mechanical systems using various physics concepts like mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, materials science and others. It has a wide range of applications including robotics, transportation, fuel and energy, biomechanics, motor vehicles, aircraft, medical devices.

Scope of mechanical engineering is wide:
- Automobile industry
- Aeronautics
- Industrial equipment and machinery/ Heavy machinery
- Consumer goods
- Applied Mechanics
- Bioengineering
- Design
- Manufacturing
- Fuel/Energy/Power
- Electromechanical
- Transportation/Construction

Both MBA & MCA are professional post graduate courses. Choice of course and career depends on your interests.

If you want to make your career in management, MBA is the option to acquire managerial skills. MBA offers a wide variety of specialisation like marketing, HR, finance, productions, international business, IT, etc. If you have interest and experience in a particular field, MBA equips you will extra skills.
After doing MBA, you need to practice your managerial skills and mostly you learn from experience. You should be well versed with the changing conditions and trends in your field and other related fields. At higher level, management professionals carry more responsibilities and are paid higher salaries. You should have a versatile and  dynamic personality; and at the same time should have the capability to deal efficiently with different type of people and situations.

MCA provides knowledge about computers and their applications. You can make career in IT  and related areas. You need to keep yourself updated with the new trends and technologies as IT world changes and updates itself very fast. If you have a strong logical and analytical mind, and passion for  technology and computers; MCA could be a good choice. If you become an expert technical person, you can do well even with average inter-personal skills.

There are so many career options for a bright hard working student. The best option depends on her own interests and skills. Find out her favourite subjects, preferred stream, and explore possible career options based on those subjects and stream. Then, let her decide what career she wants to pursue. Help her better understand different aspects of each career, and identify and assess her skills.

Some selected career options, you can consider :
Science :
Other than Medicine and nursing:
Life Science, Agricultural science, Veterinary Science, Dairy Science, Fisheries, Forestry
Horticulture, Floriculture
Physiotherapy, Bio-informatics, Biochemistry
Forensic Science, Zoology
Food Technology & Processing
Para-medical, Medical & allied activities
Nutrition & Dietetics

Engineering - Bio Technology, Computer Science, Telecom, Electronics, Nano Technology, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical, Nuclear,  Mechanical
Architecture / Planning
Environmental Science, Geology
Mathematics, Statistics

Commerce :
-Chartered Accountant/ Company Secretary / Cost Accountant
-Finance Analyst/Finance Planner/ Finance Manager/ Finance Controller/ Finance Consultant
-Investment Analyst/ Stock Broker/Portfolio Manager/ 
-Tax Auditor/ Tax Consultant

Arts :
Archaeology, History, Psychology, Functional/Communicative English
Economics/ Geography/Political Science/Sociology
Mass Media/ Mass Communication/Journalism, Fashion Communication, Public Relations
Foreign Languages - like German, French, Arabic, Russian
Soft Skills
Public Administration, Political Science

Civil Service
Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ Visual Arts
Law & Legal Services
Hotel Management
Travel & Tourism
Textile designing/Fashion Designing/ Jewellery Designing/Accessory Designing/Footwear Designing/ Interior Decoration
Logistics/ Transportation
Social Work
Civil Service
Multimedia & Animation
Library & Information Science
Education, Sales & Marketing, Retail
Information Technology/Computer Applications